One day before the historic flight


A few hours are left before the historic voyage into space. The historic flight of billionaire Jeff Bezos, his brother and several other people will start on July 20, in the afternoon.

The American billionaire and other passengers of the ship have been in Texas for several days. They have already taken part in the simulated flight and say they are ready for the trip.

“I am very worried, the ship is ready and we are fully prepared,” said the billionaire in an interview with Fox News.

“The flight simulation was held at the New Shepard Training Center in Texas, and the training of the ship’s members took place here. The American billionaire posted the videos on his Instagram page.

The identity of one of the participants of the ship “Blue Origin” is still unknown. Incognito bought the ticket for $ 28 million at an online auction.

According to the rules of the auction, his name is unknown. His identity may be revealed before the flight.

Wally Funk will also be the pioneer of “Mercury 13” on the ship. Another passenger is young physicist Oliver Daemen.

The members of the ship were already present at the runway. They inspected the ship “Blue Origin” and published memorable photos.

The members of the spacecraft will stay in space for 11 minutes and then start to move backwards. Prior to the flight, the ship was inspected and the final details were clarified several times. In a few hours, the ship will be inspected again, after which the people involved in the flight will begin to enter the ship.

Although the flight was scheduled much earlier, the US Federal Aviation Administration granted Blue Origin a license to transport humans into space only last Monday.

“This is a historic mission and it is important. It will be a kind of practice that will be refined in the future and will allow us to create the appropriate infrastructure in space. “So that future generations can do amazing things in space,” said American billionaire Jeff Bezos.

American billionaires have been working on space exploration and travel for years. One of them is Jeff Bezos, who founded “Blue Origin” years ago. Another American billionaire working on the same topic is Elon Muskie. He has been working on space travel plans for years within his company.

Space travel on July 20 will be historic but not the first. The championship in this field was not given to anyone by Richard Branson and 9 days ago he traveled in space on a spaceship created by his own company.

“I want to say to all the children down there: I was once a child and I dreamed of looking at the stars. Now that I am an adult, I am on a spaceship with other extraordinary people and I look at our beautiful, beautiful earth. “I want to say to the next generation of dreamers, ‘If we could do that, just imagine what you can do,'” said billionaire Branson while in space. He recorded and released this video address during his first visit.

The ship that Besoz will travel with his brother is designed for 6 people. The capsule has 6 windows installed, which will allow guests to enjoy the cosmic views. The capsule “Boeing 747” is longer than the plane. The ship has the function of transporting passengers 100 kilometers from the ground. This is in suborbital space where there is weightlessness. The ship’s capsule will land on Earth with a parachute.