Precision agriculture is the category that attracts the most investments among agtechs in Brazil – Prime Time Zone


A study by the District’s innovation platform points out that monitoring of agricultural activities, with solutions that include technologies for data collection and management, concentrates more than US$ 85 million

DJI-Agras image by Pixabay Precision agriculture: technology and data management for more accurate results in agribusiness

A farming precision is the category that attracts the most investments among startups agribusiness in Brazil. The conclusion comes from a study carried out by the open innovation platform Distrito, which pointed out that, of all investment in agtechs in the country, more than half are allocated to the category. With solutions that encompass technologies for collection and data management, this modality concentrates more than US$ 85.5 million. Then comes the marketplace, with different alternatives for buying and selling supplies and equipment, with over US$ 25 million. Process automation and robotization receives around US$22 million. The survey results show that interest in data management is a reality in the sector. The new agro will need even more information that is measured and proves the sustainability existing in most businesses in the country, as this is a demand from consumer markets.

The Distrito platform selected the top 5 startups in Brazilian agribusiness. First and second place went to companies in the field of precision agriculture, Solinftec and Agrosmart. This reinforces once again the importance of the management, analysis and internet of things for the sector. The ranking was done following an algorithm that took into account several criteria, from assumed billing to number of employees and social media metrics. The advance of agtechs shows the sector’s interest in innovation. Modern agriculture encompasses more productivity with sustainability. The technological bias will be present in the ways of deciding and can, if properly used, make management cheaper and make the business even more profitable.