Research shows that pandemic generated digital transformation in health – Prime Time Zone


A study was carried out by the Brazilian College of Health Executives and heard 1,531 executives from the public and private sectors

FreepikDuring the period, telemedicine was strengthened and consolidated

A pandemic gives Covid-19 generated a digital transformation in health. This is what a survey conducted with 1,531 executives from the public and private sectors, heard throughout Brazil, points out. The president of SindHosp, Francisco Balestrin, highlights the data from the study that points out the fragility of the mental health system, questions about financial management, unpreparedness of the workforce, strategic planning and the valorization of health. “Regardless of the pandemic, few leaders are trained during this period. In 18 months, on average, we had two leadership training sessions, which is very little considering the entire period”, he says. Francisco Balestrin presides over the Brazilian College of Health Executives, author of the research. At the same time that the digital transformation advances and optimizes services, the training of new health professionals proved to be highly necessary, in a country with very different realities, something that the pandemic also exposed in Brazil.

*With information from reporter Marcelo Mattos