Samsung introduces new TVs to maintain 15-year global leadership | Exam


You 2020, a Samsung earned 850.4 billion dollars from January to September. Of that amount, $ 31.7 billion is from the unit called Consumer Electronics, which has products for TVs, refrigerators, monitors, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners. Although the division is not the most profitable of the company, since it belongs to the Galaxies cell phone unit, it has strategic importance for the company. According to consultancy Omdia (formerly IHS Markit), Samsung is heading for the 15th consecutive year of global leadership in the TV market. To maintain its position under the threat of the growth of rivals LG, Sony and TCL, the South Korean today presents the news for all of its TV lines for 2021.

In an event that precedes CES, the largest technology event in the world, held for the first time in a virtual way, Samsung will announce the new models of products with high sales volume, such as TVs of the Crystal UHD line, or that offer maximum technology, like the QLED line.

The South Korean is in a good phase, despite the pandemic. The company made $ 9.3 billion in sales of TVs in the third quarter of 2020, according to the most recent data available on the sector. The number represents an increase of 22% over the same period last year. The company also led in sales. 14.85 million TVs were sold, which gives the company a 23.6% market share.

To maintain market leadership, Samsung launched a free streaming platform globally at the end of last year with channels like Bloomberg, WeatherSpy and BCC Gaming. The initiative was honored by the CES organization, the Consumer Technology Association, as one of the most important innovations of the year. TVs launched from 2018 have access to the video service.