SpaceX’s mission turned series promises to bring about a new era in space


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A scientist, an engineer, a medical assistant and a billionaire go into space the end of the story we still don’t know, but its beginning is scheduled for today, 3 pm, at 9 pm GMT. Aboard the space company’s Crew Dragon spacecraft SpaceX, from Elon Musk, four crew members will be the first “non-astronauts” to go into space for three days.

the mission, called Inspiration4, is a milestone when we talk about the future of space tourism. Maybe you’ve read about it recently when companies Virgin Galactic e Blue Origin carried out two missions with tourists on board in early July, but which lasted approximately twelve minutes.

The companies’ CEOs, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, respectively, were also on the flight, but Elon Musk will not follow in his colleagues’ footsteps. It’s not the first time that Tesla’s CEO has stood out from the competition: partner of Nasa, has already helped take several astronauts from the agency to the International Space Station (ISS) and recently signed an exclusive contract valued at 2.9 billion dollars for build one of the Starship spacecraft for the Artemis program. The news was not greeted with great joy by Bezos, who sued the US agency.

For SpaceX, Inspiration4 can show the world that spaceflight with civilians is the new future and a possibility for anyone. It will be the first time in history that “amateur astronauts” will be trained to survive for days in a capsule in Earth orbit.

“We want to make the dream of space accessible to anyone. The mission helps make people aware of spaceflight, making it more personal. Hopefully it inspires people to fly, as the name implies,” Musk said in the documentary “Inspiration4: Star Voyage”. the series of Netflix it was launched last Monday, 13th, and shows the backstage of the space mission.