Startup QuantumScape hires ex-Tesla to develop batteries


A startup QuantumScape is one of the companies that want to stand out in the development of batteries for cars. Based in California, the company recently announced that it has hired a former Tesla employee to make its product more scalable, according to information from the Business Insider website.

Long considered one of the least interesting automotive components, the battery may now be one of the most electrifying parts in the auto industry. Car manufacturing has basically not changed in 50 years and is unprofitable, but the battery industry is ripe for innovation.

The contracted engineer, Celina Mikolaczak, worked at Elon Musk’s company at the time of the Model S launch, has stints at Uber and has also worked at Panasonic as vice president of battery technologies.

“I think of it as playing a symphony. Everyone has to contribute their share so that, when the ensemble is formed, everything works correctly. It’s something difficult and much underestimated. To support the volume of cells that a car needs, you have to manufacture millions of them in a single day,” Celina told the portal.

The company is not necessarily a newcomer to the business. Founded in 2010 and with about 200 employees, its differential is the manufacture of solid-state batteries, which may have advantages over lithium-ion batteries, which are more popular in the sector. Greater durability and less risk of catching fire are some of the main ones.