Startup sees technological opportunity in law that advances business environment


Approved last week, the Law nº 14.195, of 2021, which facilitates the opening of companies and improves the business environment, involves some technological changes that have the potential to speed up the creation and structuring of businesses in Brazil.

In particular, there is a reduction in bureaucracy in the books of business records, which will now be digitized and can be authenticated electronically. THE startup Basement has been monitoring for years the possibility of including technology to solve problems in this regard.

Basement currently has a model aimed at startups to remain competitive by offering stock options to employees, as well as solutions for equity management and cap table.

So far, the company has raised 5.9 million reais and, with the possibility of digitizing records, it is eager to open the market beyond startups, with an eye on 170,000 privately held corporations that previously could not use this type of solution.

“Records of participations, transfers, deliberate minutes in councils and other corporate rituals had to be registered in physical books, and here we are talking about notebooks bought in stationery stores. This generates an absurd inefficiency for companies and, in practice, caused companies and law firms, for example, were very afraid to share equity with employees and investors”, says Frederico Rizzo, CEO of Basement who had been following the project.