The first billionaire to walk into space with his own production rocket


Richard Branson went down in history as the first billionaire to travel in space on a ship made by his own company. Branson’s flight has brought astronaut tourism one step closer to humanity.

The rocket, manufactured by Virgin Galaxy, was launched from New Mexico on Sunday. About his own experience, 71-year-old Branson shared the following message from space:

“Everybody down there, I want to say: I was once a kid and I dreamed of looking at the stars. Now I’m an adult, I’m on a spaceship with other weird people looking at our beautiful, beautiful earth. I want to say to the next generation of dreamers: If we could do that, “Just imagine what you can do.”

According to the Virgin Galaxy, the rocket successfully flew into space. The flight of the week was the 22nd test flight and the first full-crew flight for the company. In less than a week, a similar flight is planned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of “Amazon”, the richest man in the world.