The first iPhone with a USB port is created


SirBuvex / Pixabay

Ken Pillnell is a master’s student in robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute and has implemented a system that in a few months’ time could become the norm in apple branded devices.

At a time when the European Union has been pressuring Apple and other smartphone manufacturers to standardize the entry of devices aimed at charging their batteries, Ken Pillonel, a student at the Swiss Federal Institute went to work and manufactured what may in a few months’ time become a reality in technological equipment stores: a iPhone with USB port.

According to the Apple Insider website, which published the news, the experiment took months to complete and could be witnessed in the coming weeks, when the robotics student releases the video that illustrates the entire process. At the moment, the final video is still being edited, although in the teaser already be possible to know some of the steps followed by the student – who also detailed the steps in his blog.

There, Ken Pillonel also explains how little other manufacturers of these cables know about the system created by Apple. To reach the final result, he had to spend “long hours” opening the cables manufactured by the American brand, which they say are designed “like tanks“. After this effort, Pillonel managed to unravel the C94 port PCB used by Apple and shared images of how this Is made.

Later, the young man managed to reverse the technology used there and installed it on a surface too large to be inserted into an iPhone. After months of trying, Pillnel says he was able not only to insert it, but also to load the device battery e transfer data from.

Currently, it is not known yet. what will be the posture of the company founded by Steve Jobs if the European Union directive is effectively approved and implemented.

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