Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The latest features in Android ..


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Android Features: Every year Google modifies its Android mobile operating system software to bring the latest features. The latest version of Android has made the latest features available. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of Android.


You can more easily share Wi-Fi. New features include barcode scanning control and the ability to share Wi-Fi with whomever we want. Pressing the ‘Near Buy’ button below the QR code shows the details of those available for nearby Wi-Fi. It is very easy to scan the QR code. However, this new feature allows everyone to share Wi-Fi with multiple people without having to hand over their phone to scan.


Password Safe The latest features in Android ..

Smartphone users use almost all Android phones. Google is introducing the latest password check feature on Android smartphones. It therefore shows the previous password. It also gives advice on how to set a password.


Theme The latest features in Android ..

If we put a color wallpaper in the latest Android version .. the same color phone theme theme will be applied automatically.


Dark Mode on Google Maps The latest features in Android ..

Almost all the important apps available in the Google Play Store have DarkMode. Now this dark mode system can be applied to Google Maps as well. This is what we see in Settings.


google assistant The latest features in Android ..

Google has further enhanced this feature to suit the tastes of the users. Completely refined with hands free experience. Even if the phone is locked in this feature, it is possible to know all the notifications received at a single glance.


talk back The latest features in Android ..

Google has introduced a new feature for the blind. TalkBook has introduced a new version for the blind and visually impaired. Also, Android Screenreader has been made available.


Scheduling Text Massaging The latest features in Android ..

According to this feature .. If you want to send a message at any time .. You can set the time in advance and send the message. This time scheduling feature allows us to type the message whenever we can and set the message to go exactly when we want.


Screen Shots The latest features in Android ..

An amazing feature in terms of screen shots is available on Android. You can take a screenshot and mark that shot with various features. You can also add text, emoji and stickers to the screenshots.



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