The world in the palm of the hand with the arrival of the cell


Cell phone was once a necessity .. now it has become a necessity. It is no exaggeration to say that there are those who do not have a cell phone. The situation was such that the phone could not be touched for at least half an hour. No longer did young people become cell slaves. Forget the time floating around engaging in games. In one piece it was made like a man at home, like an organ in a camel. Experts warn that as much use as there is with cell use can lead to misery.

Prime Time Zone, Sherilingampally: The phone was once a necessity, but now an urgency .. has become a part of everyday life. If you have a cell in your hand, it is as if the world is in the palm of your hand. It is definitely the cell phone that has affected the masses the most in a short period of time in the world. Once a luxury item, the cell phone has become a necessity for everyone in a very short period of time. There may still be homes in the country without toys, but homes without cell phones are unbelievable. One can only imagine how important it has become to use cell phones from school child to fruit old man.

Cell phone is everything ..

In cell use, the child is not too loud. Parents are buying a cell for their children if the tent is passed. Every girl and boy who goes to college has to have a cell in their hand. A recent survey revealed that every family consumes a cell. The survey revealed that their use, which is increasing day by day, will surpass the world population in a few days. According to research conducted by the International Telecommunication Union, the number of cell phones in the world will reach 730 crore from 700 crore by then.

Unlimited cell ..

Phones that were once limited to exchanging information have become the epitome of modern technology. Games, songs, messages, movies, news, science and entertainment are all available on a single cell phone. Cell is in the hand as if the world is in the palm of the hand .. Cell is falling into delusion and giving attachments to the attachments.

Starting with the world ..

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally in today’s world. Because their opinion is that the whole world is in it. You can talk to anyone you want with one call. With mobile options you can go to the temple on Google, look at the faces in the face book, say hi on the hike, greet what you are doing on WhatsApp, tweet on Twitter and stay in touch with everyone. From online shopping to bank balances, you can check on your mobile. If you want to watch a movie or write a review, it is enough to know what is happening in the country and abroad.

Many apps ..

Mobile companies are competing in line with the youth taste and are making mobiles and apps available despite the many new options. Once upon a time, a phone was worth Rs 10,000. But now with just Rs 5,000 comes a smartphone with lots of options. If you have a smart phone in your hand, you can spend your life as a bindas. But do not forget the most ubiquitous varjayet food. So beware .. still get out of the cell phone magic. It is good to use it for necessities but remember that you will lose a lot in life if you fall into its magic unnecessarily.