Transparent security system is ideal to prevent burglaries


So that a thief does not try to manipulate a security system, the most important thing is that it is discreet and difficult to access. For this reason, a group of Swiss scientists has developed a keyboard with a fully transparent access code.

Created through collaboration between the research institute Empa, EPFL and the Paul Scherrer Institute, the prototype device consists of a thin, transparent polymer substrate on which inkjet printed numeric buttons and circuits made of transparent paint. The ink contains nano particles of tin and indium oxide and is electrically conductive.

The production process goes through dye the film blue, once applied to the paint. A high-energy light irradiation process is then used to synthesize the buttons and circuits – this process makes the paint considerably more conductive than before.

Blue coloring helps the substrate to absorb light, but then it disappears as part of the irradiation process, leaving the transparent film again, New Atlas.

The final product can adhere to any surface near a door, safe or other place with restricted access – as long as a power supply is available. As with traditional systems, entering the correct code will cause the door to open.

Only authorized persons should know where the keyboard is located and which buttons should be pressed.

Since the buttons are not visible, a display electronic, located nearby, should help in the process, as it shows users which numbers are currently being selected.

Ana Isabel Moura, ZAP //