Twitter will pay R$ 18 thousand for those who fix racial prejudice from the algorithm


O Twitter is creating a new competition between researchers and hackers, with the objective of finding someone capable of correcting the supposed racial and gender bias in their image-cropping algorithm, according to information from Business Insider.

The competition, which will offer a $ 3,500 reward (around R$ 18 thousand reais), wants help to identify possible damages that the algorithm may have suffered. In addition to the winners, the runners-up will also be financially rewarded.

“Calling all bounty hunters! We’ve just released all the details of our bounty challenge which is open until August 6th”, shows information from the company’s website. “With this challenge, we aim to set a precedent on Twitter and the industry for proactive and collective identification of algorithmic damage,” they added.

The action comes after a group of researchers found that the algorithm favored more white people than black people and more women than men. Last year, doctoral student Colin Madland revealed the problem in a tweet, when he showed that the Zoom video calling platform erased a black man’s face when he used a green background.

The contest winner will also be invited to present their work at the DEF CON AI Village workshop promoted by Twitter in August. “Successful applications will factor in both quantitative and qualitative methods in their approach,” the company said.

According to information from Insider, machine learning algorithms, like the one used by Twitter, depend on vast data sets. If these datasets are weighted in favor of a particular race, gender, or something else, the resulting algorithm can then reflect that bias.