Unhappy with your plan? Find out which is the cheapest mobile internet in Brazil


In an unprecedented study released this week, the platform Best Plan revealed the costs per gigabyte of mobile internet from Brazilian operators. The website, which specializes in comparing telecommunication plans, analyzed the unit value of the gigabyte of the TIM, Oi, Claro and Vivo.

In Brazil, the highest amount charged per gigabyte in mobile franchises is R $ 8.76, while the lowest value is seven times lower: only R $ 1.19. In the analysis, obtained exclusively by EXAM, Oi is ahead of the competition as the most advantageous option for the consumer.

The results were calculated from the average price of all plans present in the website comparator. When indicating which plans offer the best cost-benefit ratio, the platform seeks to guide consumers’ decision making based on the comparison of prices and gigabytes offered.

National average price / GB per gigabyte range

0 a 20GB

R$ 6,06

20 to 60GB

R$ 4,94

60 a 100GB

R$ 4,75

More than 100GB

R$ 3,43

After all, choosing a package with a smaller amount of gigabytes is more expensive than an option with a larger amount? The research points out that it is. Franchises with more than 100GB end up being the most economical option. The analysis shows that the cost / quantity ratio of gigabytes is a decreasing line. This means that plans in the range of 60 to 100GB, for example, are more affordable than one from 0 to 20 GB, which is, in fact, the least advantageous choice compared to any other.

Price per gigabyte of each operator





0 a 20GB

R$ 5,47

R$ 8,76

R$ 3,98

R$ 3,54

20 to 60GB

R$ 6,25

R$ 4,92

R$ 5,54

R$ 1,19

60 a 100GB

R$ 5,00


R$ 4,50

R$ 1,19

+ 100GB

R$ 3,87


R$ 2,99


I’m 2021, ah Hey presented the best values ​​in all data package ranges, from simple to intermediate and complete. The price difference between your plans up to 20GB may even seem small compared to TIM, for example, but it is in the following bands that the discrepancy in relation to competitors becomes more visible, since the value falls as the plan increases. Recently, the operator has also taken it a step further by offering a promotional franchise* mobile services with unlimited internet offer for any online service – without consuming package data.

However, an important point to be considered is that, even offering the best alternative in terms of price, the 2020 Satisfaction and Perceived Quality Survey of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) revealed that Oi has the highest rate of dissatisfaction among its customers, whether in pre- or post-paid mode.