Volvo Cars Brasil launches Jakob, a new virtual assistant that solves doubts, traces routes and revised agenda – Prime Time Zone


Tool, exclusive to Brazilian customers, is trained to answer about the new XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, which is on pre-sale, and the C40, an electric model that will arrive in the country in early 2022

Disclosure/VolvoVolvo’s new virtual assistant is even able to schedule a review

Thinking of making life easier for its consumers, the Volvo Car Brazil created Jakob, a personified and increasingly intelligent virtual assistant – artificially, of course –, which comes to further improve the experience, provide services and solutions, in addition to facilitating and speeding up service. “Volvo Cars is a brand that thinks people first. We are always concerned with optimizing the customer experience. And a very important thing for this is a service with information that is quick and easy to obtain. That’s why the creation of a chatbot that understands what you write rather than a resource limited by menus and options,” explains Robson Gomes, director of Consumer Enterprise Digital. The assistant’s name is a tribute to the first car developed by Volvo in 1927: the ÖV 4, popularly known as the Jakob. Since its recent launch, more than 13,000 requests from 68 different cities have been made. About 700 end consumers interacted with it.

Jakob is already “trained” to plot routes, schedule inspections and answer questions about the new XC40 Recharge Pure Electric, which is on pre-sale in Brazil and arrives in the country in the second half of the year, and the C40, the brand’s new electric model that will land here in early 2022. In addition, consumers will have access to trivia about the history of the Volvo, such as the creation of the three-point seatbelt, to digital product catalogs, to the Family Bond, to the new e-commerce, to the Volvo Lovers, to the Volvo Select, among other products and news offered by the Swedish company. Despite being simple for those on the other side of the screen, this functionality requires constant review and work by the development team. “After all, no one wants to have the dreaded message, ‘Sorry, but I didn’t get it,’” Robson said. “Finding the solution within the company is less complex than imagining the infinite interaction options for the final consumer. Therefore, every interaction brings us innovation and helps in the implementation of new features”, added Eduardo Rossatto, Consumer Enterprise Digital analyst. The assistant, exclusively for clients in Brazil, can be accessed directly on the website of Volvo Car Brazil or by WhatsApp (11-976880513).

volvo jacob Volvo Cars Brasil launches Jakob, a new virtual assistant that solves doubts, traces routes and revised agenda – Prime Time Zone

The classic ÖV 4, popularly known as Jakob, inspired the name of Volvo’s new virtual assistant

Volvo On Call

Among the various features of Jakob is the service renewal Volvo On Call, an application that features features such as remote starting, temperature control, vehicle locator, checking fuel consumption, mileage and even a travel diary. The service also has assistance and a concierge available 24 hours a day throughout the country. To do this, simply access the button inside the vehicle and contact the Customer Service Center, which will send whatever is necessary to the location where the vehicle is located. “Having a service with quick, easy information and without a lot of bureaucracy is today one of the pillars for a good consumer experience. Creating Jakob was more of a solution than Volvo Car Brazil found to make life easier for our customers”, concludes Eduardo.

About Volvo Cars

The Swedish premium car manufacturer was founded in 1927 by engineer Gustav Larson and economist Assar Gabrielsson in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Since its foundation, it has put people first and at the center of the brand. With global production in Europe, Asia and North America, the Volvo aims to offer customers the best experience in safe, sustainable and personal mobility. In 2020, the Volvo Car Brazil closed the year in second place in the premium segment, with a 17.6% market share. The brand is the isolated leader among plug-in electrified products, with more than 3,200 units sold in the year, representing 63% of sales in the country. It continues to occupy the first place among the SUVs premium. O XC60 it is the Brazilian hybrid vehicle that least devalues ​​in a year among all the models sold here, according to a survey by Auto Informe.