Want to buy a Playstation 5? You may have to wait until 2022


You can even try to buy a Playstation 5, but you will hardly get it until next year. That’s because the stock of 14.8 million units may be insufficient for the coming months – who says is Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s chief financial officer, to Bloomberg. And the culprit is the lack of electronic components that also stopped auto factories around here.

Presented six months ago, the manufacturer has had problems meeting the demand for the console since before the worsening of parts shortages. So much so that the executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, commented in interviews the possibility of increasing production. It is also possible to outsource suppliers and change the project.

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7.8 million units were sold from the launch until March this year – 3.3 million units in 2021. With that, the model surpassed the Playstation 4, which, in the same period at the time of the presentation, had 7.6 million units sold. And the result was a record profit of 342.2 billion yen (about 16.4 billion reais) at the end of the fiscal year.

According to the DigiTimes website, the Playstation 5 could win a new version with a custom 6 nm processor from AMD. But it is unlikely that there will be changes in the design, as in the case of smaller options launched in the past, since the focus of the manufacturer will be to update the hardware – the physical components of the console. And, for now, the forecast is that it will appear in 2022.

Here, the video game has a suggested price of 4,199 reais, while in the United States, part of the 399 dollars in the digital version, equivalent to 2,086 reais – even in the most expensive version, with a disc player, comes out at 499 dollars, which gives 2,609 reais in direct conversion. And in Brazil, there are reports of retailers with even higher prices, such as Amazon, which announced for 6,499 reais.

The manufacturer says the price of the console remains the same. However, there was a readjustment in the subscription to the Playstation Plus service, which allows you to play online matches, receive discounts and new games. Thus, the user will be able to pay up to 34% more, depending on the plan: monthly, 34.90 reais; quarterly, R $ 84.90; and annual, 199.90 reais (were 25.90; 64.90; 149.90, respectively).

Sought by EXAME, the company claims that the change in values ​​is due to “market conditions” and that this change was necessary to continue providing the service with current standards. And, in view of the collection in the North American market, Brazilians have an advantage, since, there, the annual plan costs 60 dollars, equivalent to just over 310 reais in the current conversion.

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