Warren Buffet is proof that not every billionaire wants to go to space


Unlike fellow billionaires Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk, the mega-investor Warren Buffet says have no plans to go to space.

In a letter addressed to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders more than 20 years ago, Buffet said that while he admired space explorers, he shouldn’t go down the same path and board a rocket. The idea is to be more “down to earth”.

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The same logic determines the investment thesis of Buffett, who made his fortune investing in solid companies like Coca-Cola, Apple and American Express. More recently, the investor also decided to ride the fintech wave by participating in a multi-billion dollar fundraising round at Nubank. “As investors, our reaction to a brewing industry is a lot like our attitude toward space exploration: We applaud the effort, but prefer to skip the ride,” Buffett wrote.

The investor returned to talk about the matter with shareholders at Berkshire’s last annual meeting. When an audience member asked if the company would insure Musk’s mission to Mars, the investor joked that it would charge a lower premium if Tesla’s CEO were on the spacecraft.

Billionaires Space Race
In recent weeks, Bezos, a former Amazonian and founder of Virgin Galactic’s space technology company Blue Origin and Branson, have made short space trips aboard spacecraft funded by their own fortunes.