What’s App Privacy Policy: All that news is untrue .. We protect your data security .. WhatsApp given by Clarity .. – WhatsApp clarify rumors about privacy


WhatsApp’s privacy policy has been widely criticized since its introduction. If you accept the Privacy Policy Rule brought by WhatsApp

The introduction of the WhatsApp Privacy Policy Terms has drawn widespread criticism. There are recent reports that if you accept the privacy policy rule brought by WhatsApp .. all our personal information will be stored .. as well as Facebook ads will be used. As a result, the number of people uninstalling this app is steadily increasing. Also doing dislike. Also passionate towards other apps as an alternative to WhatsApp. This has significantly reduced the number of WhatsApp users. However WhatsApp responded to this news. As a social media platform, WhatsApp has made it clear that all the news coming about the privacy policy is rumors. It is their responsibility to answer them. WhatsApp has come forward to overcome these rumors. Users’ personal details will not be stored anywhere .. and they will protect their security privacy.

It also revealed some things related to it.
It is not a fact that we send WhatsApp details to Facebook. What kind of details do we share. Also share personal chat details.
Creating a new privacy policy. You are eligible to use WhatsApp only if you agree to the new terms. Otherwise we will delete their account.
The newly updated version will take effect in February. WhatsApp has over 400 million users.
Do not share details of your contacts with Facebook.
Do not share personal details with anyone.
We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard.
You can make messages invisible.
WhatsApp will not even monitor the locations you send.