WhatsApp now has payments: see security care in the app


With the launch of the payments function by the WhatsApp done on Tuesday, 4th, the messenger has everything to become one of the biggest channels of money transfer from the country. The application is used by 160 million people in Brazil and, during the pandemic, it was an outlet for many businesses that needed a direct channel of conversations with their customers. According to data from Zendesk, a company that develops software for customer service, consumers increased by 118% the use of WhatsApp to communicate with companies.

Precisely because of its size, WhatsApp is also the target of coup plotters, who often break into accounts on new cell phones or impersonate people using different numbers, in order for those people to make transfers or send money to scammers. The prevalence of these scams on the platform and now the possibility of paying for WhatsApp has scared many users, who fear that the new feature will be abused by bandits.