With markets on the rise, Samsung bets on notebook and tablet in Brazil


With electronic device markets on the rise in Brazil and worldwide this year, the South Korean Samsung reinforces its presence in the segments of notebooks e tablets no country.

The main launch of the computers category is in the Galaxy Book Pro line, composed of devices that are aimed at high performance. As for tablets, the bet is on the Tab S7 FE, a device with an Android system and with a vocation for both entertainment and productivity.

The Galaxy Book Pro line has a screen recorder and filters to improve the image and sound in video calls, two features aimed at working in the home office.

The devices use materials used in airplanes to keep them light. They weigh 1.05 kg and are 11 millimeters thick. Samsung says it has made power consumption optimizations to extend usage time without having to increase battery size.

“The products are thin like a smartphone, but they’re powerful like a PC,” says Sandra Chen, director of notebooks at Samsung Brazil.

Notebook-Samsung-Galaxy-Book-Pro-2021 Galaxy Book Pro: device is focused on productivity and has 11th generation Intel processor

Galaxy Book Pro: device is geared towards productivity and has an 11th generation Intel processor (Samsung/Publishing)

The new notebooks have processors from the American Intel. The devices are equipped with the 11th generation Intel Core i7 chip, the latest on the market. In memory, the product has an SSD with a capacity of 1 terabyte (1024 gigabytes).

“One of the highlights of the Galaxy Book family products is the continuity of the experience, which allows you to share content between its different devices”, said Gisele Ruizylanza, general manager of Intel in Brazil, recalling that Samsung devices have continuity of experience of use through integration with smartphones. You can migrate data from one notebook to another with software called Smart Switch and send videos between Galaxy devices through the QuickShare application.

The new member of the Galaxy Book Pro line has a 15-inch screen, which uses Amoled technology, as in most smartphones, and has a filter to reduce the emission of blue light, associated with sleep disorders. The new notebook will have a suggested price of 11,499 reais and will compete against the Dell XPS and MacBook in the Brazilian market.

Samsung also announced the launch of Galaxy Book Pro 360 notebooks, which have a swivel screen to enable use in a tablet format, which has similar configurations to the Book Pro. Its suggested price is 10,499 reais.

The Brazilian computer market grew almost 20% in the first quarter of 2021. According to data from the American consultancy IDC, the biggest increase was in the corporate sales segment, where the growth was 24.4% from January to March this year. 681,930 units were sold in this niche market. In total, also considering retail sales, the number of machines sold in the period reached 1,772,417, which represents a growth of 19.7% compared to the first quarter of 2020. Globally, in the same period, the PC sector grew 55.2%, reaching a total of 84 million units.

Tab S7 FE

The new tablet called Tab S7 FE has a 12.4-inch screen and, aiming at mobility in everyday life, the device’s thickness is 8.9 millimeters. Despite its fineness, the device has a battery with a capacity of 10,090 mAh that can be fully recharged in just 90 minutes with the charger that comes with the product in the box.

With a vocation for the consumption of movies, series and music, the tablet has a 3D sound system from AKG by Harman, a company purchased by Samsung in 2016, and the sound quality has the Dolby Atmos seal.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Galaxy Tab S7 FE: tablet has 12.4 inch screen

Galaxy Tab S7 FE: tablet has a 12.4-inch screen (Samsung/Courtesy)

AS Pen, the smart pen known for being present in Note line products, will also come in the box of the new Tab S7 FE. The pen allows the use of the tablet to write by hand in note apps or even create drawings and make paintings in apps dedicated to these activities.

The tablet also has a keyboard cover, sold separately, that can make the device look more like a notebook and thus allow you to work with editing spreadsheets and text in productivity apps from Microsoft or Google.

The suggested price of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is 4,999 reais. As most manufacturers stopped operating in the tablet market with Android system and high technology, Samsung only faces competition against Apple, creator of the iPad.

With sales to the public sector on the rise, the tablet market registered explosive growth in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period last year. According to the American consultancy IDC, the sector had a growth in sales of 52.3%, while the revenue had a jump of 149.5% and reached 964,200 reais. Of this amount, 572,200 reais came from retail sales and 391,900 reais refer to sales in the corporate sector.