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Angela Dippe is cursed and booed for wearing masks in São Paulo; Watch the video

The actress Angela Dippe shared on Instagram, last Friday (5), a video being cursed and booed in São Paulo for wearing two protective masks on her face. The Penélope interpreter of the extinct Castelo Rá Tim Bum (1994-1997)...

Glória Menezes, Tarcísio Meira and other celebrities campaign for vaccination

Glória Menezes, Tarcísio Meira and more famous actors joined in a campaign for vaccination against Covid-19. The artists talked about the importance of the vaccine and convincing people to take it, so that life goes back to normal....
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Pega Pega novel summary: Chapters for the week of October 4th to 9th

Second 4/10 (Chapter 67)Monteiro reveals to Antônia that the expert died during the investigation into Mirella's accident. Antônia...
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