Outside of TV, Samara Felippo reveals a lack of proposals: ‘They don’t invite me to a soap opera’

Samara Felippo, 42, revealed that she faces a lack of proposals on television. She has been out of the serials for nearly two years. "They don't invite me to a soap opera", she delivered this Sunday (1st)....

Samara Felippo bursts into tears when she sees her daughters isolated with Covid-19: ‘Infernal anguish’

Samara Felippo, 42, lives a family drama. The actress' daughters, Lara, 8, and Alicia, 12, tested positive for Covid-19 and are isolated from each other.

Edson Montenegro, actor from City of God, dies of Covid-19 at 63

He died on Sunday (21), at 63, due to complications from Covid-19, the actor Edson Montenegro. He acted in soap operas like Apocalipse (2019), by Record, and in Accomplices of a Rescue (2015), by SBT, but he was...

After ‘biblical overdose’ in the pandemic, Record learns lesson and changes strategy

At the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Record promoted a "biblical overdose" in prime time with the reruns of Apocalipse (2017) and Jesus (2018). But the audience collapsed. With the lesson learned, the station's executives...
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In Império, José Alfredo accuses Marta and assumes: ‘I’m not a slut’

José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) will make a serious indictment against Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) in Império. The Commander...
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