chloë grace moretz

Tom & Jerry actress becomes war soldier in Shadow in the Cloud

Lead actress of the feature film that brought together Tom & Jerry with human actors, Chloë Grace Moretz returns to the lead when playing a soldier in A Shadow in the Cloud (2020), a film that debuts this Saturday...

Movies with Mila Kunis, Freddie Highmore and Blake Lively arrive at Telecine in April

Telecine released the films that will enter its programming in April. Among the highlights of the Superstar Session are Meu Ex É um Espião (2018), with Mila Kunis; Assault on the Bank of Spain (2020), starring Freddie...
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Delphi is an Artificial Intelligence that gives ethical advice — but has proven to be racist

Tara Winstead / Pexels Delphi is an Artificial Intelligence that responds to users, helping to resolve ethical dilemmas. However,...
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