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Let Heart: Delighted by Shirlei, Felipe questions relationship with Jessica

Unintentionally, Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) will make Felipe (Marcos Pitombo) review your relationship with Jéssica (Karen Junqueira) in Let Heart. The maid will talk to the boy about what it must be like to love someone, and the publicist...

Let Heart: Henrique ‘yellow’ when discovering who Penelope’s children are

Henrique (Nando Rodrigues) will pressure Penélope (Carolina Ferraz) to lose his fear and assume their romance in Haja Coração. The ex-dondoca will schedule a dinner to reveal to her children her courtship and introduce the chosen one. ...
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Orascom Construction is considering acquiring 3 companies belonging to the Sawiris family

The Board of Directors of Orascom Construction PLC has approved the principle of studying the possible acquisition through its...
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