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Miriam Leitão detonates Bolsonaro on UN speech day: ‘Reason to be ashamed’

Miriam Leitão detonated the attitudes of Jair Bolsonaro during the Good Morning Brazil this Tuesday (21), the day the president will give the opening speech of the 76th General Assembly of the UN (United Nations) .

Bom Dia Brasil suffers technical failure, and Fabio Turci ‘freezes’ live

Bom Dia Brasil this Tuesday (7) suffered a technical failure, and the presenter Fabio Turci ended up "freezing" live. During a speech by anchor Ana Paula Araújo about vaccines, the TV news cut to the São Paulo studio,...

Tired of work, Fátima Bernardes thanks Friday: ‘At last’

In addition to celebrating the closing of the week at the Meeting, Fátima mentioned her professional colleague Chico Pinheiro in the publication. .

Cecília Malan announces back to Globo Newsroom in London after a year and a half

Cecília Malan used the space at the end of Bom Dia Brasil this Friday (6) to announce that she will leave work in a home office scheme next Monday (9). The correspondent will return to routine at Globo's...

Chico Pinheiro rescues his catchphrase on Globo and shakes the web: ‘Friday, thank God’

Journalist Chico Pinheiro rescued his famous catchphrase and stirred up social media. "What day is it? Friday, thank God! Thank God it's Friday. And life goes on! Until Monday", joked the anchor at the end of Bom Dia...

Ex-JN and Bom Dia Brasil, journalist resigns from Globo after 21 years

One of Globo's best-known names in Minas Gerais and who had a captive presence on the national network for years, Juliana Perdigão resigned from the network after 21 years. The journalist, who was a reporter for Jornal Nacional...

Chico Pinheiro returns to Globo and thanks Ana Paula Araújo: ‘He held brilliantly’

Chico Pinheiro returned to the Bom Dia Brasil stand on Monday (5) and thanked Ana Paula Araújo, who presented the morning news alone for a year and four months, in person.

Ana Paula Araújo announces change at Bom Dia Brasil and Chico Pinheiro returns

Ana Paula Araújo announced the return of Chico Pinheiro to Bom Dia Brasil starting next Monday (5). She also revealed that Giuliana Morrone will be leaving the morning news.

Michelle Barros leaves Ana Paula Araújo in the vacuum live at Bom Dia Brasil: ‘Back here’

This Thursday (1st), Michelle Barros, presenter of Bom Dia SP, left the camera that focused on the live entrance to Bom Dia Brasil and left Ana Paula Araújo lost. "Come back here" .

Globo makes a suspense about the return of Chico Pinheiro and Carlos Tramontina

Away from face-to-face work since March of last year, Chico Pinheiro and Carlos Tramontina are counting down to return to the studios. Globo confirmed that they will return to the air soon, but it was a mystery whether...
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In Sri Lanka, trafficked elephants were rescued. But they went back to the people who bought them illegally

Megan Coughlin / Flickr A Sri Lankan court returned rescued elephants to influential people who were accused of illegally purchasing...
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