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Whindersson Nunes comes to Maria Lina’s defense and asks for empathy for the ex-fiancee

Whindersson Nunes came out in defense of Maria Lina Deggan, his ex-fiancée, in the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes this Thursday (9). The digital influencer asked people to have empathy for others and cited the model's case. "When...

Curse of August? Understand why so many famous couples broke up this month

After ten separations from famous couples in August, the month of September comes as a relief from the artists' romances. But what explains so many breakups? Stars are a possibility. Grazi Massafera, Caio Castro, Naiara Azevedo,...

After separation, Whindersson Nunes is invited by Gusttavo Lima for a drink

Gusttavo Lima decided to respond to an old challenge from Whindersson Nunes and invited him to drink. This Friday (13), after the announcement of the separation between the comedian and Maria Lina Deggan, the countryman used social media...

Whindersson Nunes and Maria Lina break up: ‘Don’t look for someone to blame’

Maria Lina Deggan used social media to announce the end of her relationship with comedian Whindersson Nunes this Friday (13). The student asked her followers to respect their decision. "Do not look for the guilty," wrote the...

On Father’s Day, Whindersson vents about his son’s death: ‘You can cry’

Whindersson Nunes vented about the death of João Miguel, the result of his relationship with Maria Lina Deggan. This Sunday (8), when Father's Day is celebrated, the comedian recalled the emotions experienced during the period he was with...

Whindersson Nunes is saddened by his son’s keepsake box: ‘It hurts so much’

Whindersson Nunes once again unburdened himself about the death of João Miguel, the son he had with Maria Lina Deggan. Through Stories on Instagram, the comedian showed a box that would be used to store the baby's memories.

With depression and anxiety, Luísa Sonza explains the disappearance of the networks: ‘It was an escape’

With depression, anxiety and suffering from panic attacks, Luísa Sonza explained her disappearance from social networks after receiving several attacks. "It was just an escape," vented the singer.

Whindersson Nunes vents about his son’s death with Maria Lina: ‘It hurts too much’

Whindersson Nunes wrote an outburst about the death of the son he had with Maria Lina Deggan, João Miguel. The baby was born premature, five months old, and did not resist after two days of life.

Whindersson Nunes’ Fiancee Reassures Fans Amidst Mourning Her Son’s Death

Maria Lina Deggan, fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, used her Instagram profile to reassure fans about her emotional state last Sunday night (20). João Miguel, son of the model with the comedian, died two days after birth, at 22...

Maria Lina tattoos João Miguel’s feet after the baby’s death: ‘I miss you’

Whindersson Nunes' fiancee, Maria Lina shared on Instagram, last Sunday (6), the tattoo she made in honor of her son João Miguel, who died on the 31st.
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