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Former Malhação, Lucas Lucco lost movie roles because of tattoos

In addition to being a country singer, Lucas Lucco is an actor. Participating in the Encontro com Fátima Bernardes this Friday (24), the artist shared a curiosity about his acting career: he has already lost roles in period...

Sandra de Sá cries for a song on The Masked Singer and vents: ‘I’m f…’

At the meeting this Wednesday (22), Sandra de Sá, the sixth eliminated from The Masked Singer, was thrilled to give details about the presentation of the song Bloco na Rua, symbol of the struggle against the dictatorship.

Túlio Gadêlha’s surprise to Fátima Bernardes makes Encontro grow at Ibope

Túlio Gadêlha's surprise to pay homage to his girlfriend, Fátima Bernardes, at the meeting last Friday (17) made the program grow at Ibope in Greater São Paulo. In the special edition that commemorated the presenter's birthday, the morning...

Cássio Gabus Mendes gets emotional in farewell to Luis Gustavo: ‘Very painful’

Actor Cássio Gabus Mendes was moved, at the Meeting this Monday (20), to honor his uncle, Luis Gustavo, an actor who died at the age of 87 as a result of bowel cancer.

Diogo Nogueira drools for Paolla Oliveira and compares her to King Midas: ‘What he touches turns to gold’

Diogo Nogueira praised Paolla Oliveira during the Conversa com Bial aired this Friday (17) and compared her to King Midas. "What she touches turns to gold!", joked the singer. He invaded the conversation of the winner of...

Diogo Nogueira reveals how he met Paolla Oliveira: ‘I thought it was a prank’

In an interview with Fátima Bernardes at the Meeting this Friday (17), Diogo Nogueira, told details about the beginning of his relationship with Paolla Oliveira. According to the samba dancer, he received a call from Mumuzinho saying he...

Túlio Gadêlha surprises Fátima Bernardes at the Meeting and declares: ‘Inspires people’

Túlio Gadêlha surprised Fátima Bernardes at the Meeting this Friday (17th). The presenter's boyfriend showed up for a tribute on her birthday.

A year after recovering from Covid-19, Xand Avião has sequels: ‘I forget everything’

A year after recovering from Covid-19, Xand Avião is still dealing with the virus' aftereffects. The 39-year-old singer revealed that he has a lack of memory, which disrupts his concert routine.

Alexandre Borges leaked The Masked Singer’s secret; know for whom

In an interview with Fátima Bernardes at the Meeting this Wednesday (15), Alexandre Borges, the fifth eliminated from The Masked Singer Brasil, told details about his participation as Onça Pintada in the program. When asked about the difficulty...

Whindersson Nunes comes to Maria Lina’s defense and asks for empathy for the ex-fiancee

Whindersson Nunes came out in defense of Maria Lina Deggan, his ex-fiancée, in the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes this Thursday (9). The digital influencer asked people to have empathy for others and cited the model's case. "When...
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Nadia Al-Jundi with a controversial youthful look from Lebanon! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock

The Egyptian actress, Nadia El-Gendy, shared her latest controversial youth looks, through social networking sites, with her fans and...
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