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In a video, Gorete counters Carlos Alberto and accuses SBT of jealousy for Silvio’s visit

After being classified by Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega as the "worst colleague" he worked with, Gorete Milagres made a 15-minute video dressed as the character Filomena to deny the titleholder of A Praça É Nossa and tell his version...

Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega and Gorete Milagres exchange barbs on the web: ‘Worst colleague’

Former work partners in A Praça É Nossa, Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega and Gorete Milagres exchanged barbs on the internet.
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The tourism sector in “Italy” has recovered during the current year compared to 2020

The Italian news agency “ANSAMED” stated that cruise ship trips in Italy witnessed a great recovery and prosperity during...
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