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Globo is condemned for humiliating couple in romantic dinner at Mais Você

To Balloon will have to pay an indemnity of R$ 10 thousand to Nicole Cristine Leal de França, center of a report aired by Mais Você of June 12, 2019. That day, she and her boyfriend were ridiculed in...

Ana Maria Braga dresses up in a caramel mutt and goes viral on the web: ‘It’s a legend’

Ana Maria Braga appeared dressed as a caramel stray dog ​​at Mais Você in a commercial action. The presenter returned from one of the breaks with the animal's clothes and entertained the audience.

On his 50th birthday, Huck hugs Ana Maria and gets emotional: ‘Intense weeks’

Luciano Huck entered Mais Você's studio giving Ana Maria Braga a hug. This Friday (3), the presenter turns 50 and spoke about his farewell to Caldeirão and his debut on Domingão.

Catia Fonseca appears at Mais Você with Ana Maria and surprises: ‘I’ve always dreamed’

Catia Fonseca appeared on Mais Você this Thursday (2) for a commercial action with Ana Maria Braga and surprised viewers. The presenter of Melhor da Tarde, on the Band, declared all her admiration for the Globo veteran.

Gil do Vigor relapses into dogs and flirts with a foreign teacher at Mais Você

A day after presenting his affair, Plínio Vasconcelos, to his mother, Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, had a relapse into the dogfish and flirted live with a gringo teacher at Mais Você. Ana Maria Braga invited the educator to...

Ana Maria Braga makes double meaning jokes when peeling cassava: ‘It’s thick’

Ana Maria Braga had fun and made double meaning jokes while peeling cassava at Mais Você. The presenter laughed at each obscene pun and was even accompanied by reporter Juliane Massaoka in the joke.

In a private jet, Gil do Vigor shoots: ‘I was born to be a Hollywood fag’

Gilberto Nogueira, Big Brother Brasil 21's Gil do Vigor, made faces while riding in a private jet. The economist said in a post on his Instagram profile that he will have a special week beyond. So far,...

At Mais Você, Ana Maria Braga makes a faux pas and asks about Simaria’s husband

Ana Maria Braga committed a gaffe live at Mais Você this Friday (20). Upon receiving the duo Simone and Simaria in the studio, the presenter asked how the husbands of the backwoodsmen were doing. Simaria, however, announced...

Ana Maria Braga laments the deaths of Tarcisio Meira and Paulo José: ‘Sad week’

Ana Maria Braga lamented the deaths of Paulo José and Tarcísio Meira at the beginning of Mais Você this Friday (13). The presenter received Tony Ramos, who cried when talking about his colleagues.

After ordering coffee with Ana Maria Braga, Mion will go to the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes

Hired by Globo to take over Caldeirão from September 4th, Marcos Mion already has a date to appear on the new channel. The presenter will be invited to the Encontro com Fátima Bernardes on Friday (13). On...
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Cleopatra signs agreements to equip a hospital in New Cairo with a capacity of 400 beds

Cleopatra Hospital Company has signed agreements as part of a deal to complete and equip a hospital building with...
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