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Déa Lúcia cries on her first birthday without Paulo Gustavo: ‘You can’t celebrate’

On the day she turns 74, Déa Lúcia Amaral gave an interview to Ana Maria Braga at Mais Você. Paulo Gustavo's mother (1978-2021) cried when talking about the first birthday after the actor's death.

Paulo Gustavo’s widower, Thales Bretas vents in the 4th month of his death: ‘Suffocating’

The widower of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), Thales Bretas vented about the four months of the comedian's death, who did not survive Covid-19.

Tatá Werneck suffers in the fourth month after Paulo Gustavo’s death: ‘Saudade’

Tatá Werneck recalled the fourth month of the death of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), who could not resist complications from Covid-19 in May this year, and showed how he still suffers from the loss of his friend.

Sharply, Samantha Schmütz says: ‘I would pay even more for silence’

Samantha Schmütz vented on the burdens faced by exposing their positions on social networks. This Monday (30), the actress said she is outraged with various current situations and, therefore, has been talking about these issues. "I would...

Unpublished text by Paulo Gustavo will be used by Multishow in the end of the year special

Multishow prepares a tribute with unpublished texts by Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021) for an end-of-the-year special. Before he died from Covid-19, the comedian was working on a series based on the My Mother Is a Piece franchise.According to columnist...

Mother of Paulo Gustavo, Dona Déa thrills with tribute at Criança Esperança

Dona Déa Lúcia, mother of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), ended Criança Esperança with an emotional tribute to the comedian. The matriarch appeared as the last "attraction" of the program and sang the song O Sol Nascerá, by Cartola, after...

Samantha Schmütz reveals her dream with Paulo Gustavo: ‘I feel your presence’

Samantha Schmütz used social media this Saturday morning (14) to reveal that she had a dream about Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021). The actress described the dream in the caption of a photo alongside the comedian.

‘We are even free to cry,’ says Samantha Schmütz about Vai Que Cola

Back at Vai Que Cola's (Multishow) studio, Samantha Schmütz confessed the difficulty of recording the comedy's new season, which was starred by Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021). This Monday (9), the actress warned that the cast has "freedom to cry"...

‘Pieces of me and Paulo Gustavo’, says Thales Bretas on Father’s Day

On his first Father's Day after the death of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021), Thales Bretas made an emotional outburst about raising his children, Romeu and Gael. This Sunday (8), the doctor reported details of his paternal experience: "I still...

Samantha Schmütz cries when resuming Vai Que Cola without Paulo Gustavo: ‘Difficult’

Samantha Schmütz published on Instagram, this Wednesday (4), a sequence of Stories in which she appears crying when she tells that she will resume recordings of Vai Que Cola without the presence of Paulo Gustavo, who died exactly three...
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