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As Angel, Camila Queiroz gave a hint to the character herself in Verdades Secretas

Camila Queiroz already gave advice to the character of Verdades Secretas when she was featured to record the second season of the plot. "It was really crazy because it went from Angel to Angel, not from Camila to...

After gold in Tokyo, Rebeca Andrade plans retirement: ‘Go to college’

Gold and silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Rebeca Andrade has already started thinking about her retirement from artistic gymnastics. The athlete confessed that she knows that the sport will not be forever.

Globo journalist attacks Bolsonaro’s environmental policy: ‘Dismonte’

A Globo journalist specializing in the environment and occasional presenter of Jornal Nacional, André Trigueiro detonated the attitudes of Jair Bolsonaro's government in relation to the preservation of nature. 'It's an anti-environmental government', he fired.

With a feminist at home, Felipe Andreoli opens the game about household chores

Married to Rafa Brites, an avowed feminist, Felipe Andreoli admitted that he can't get rid of housework or promote macho attitudes at home. "You have to divide it as equals. And a given mission is a mission accomplished",...

Maju Coutinho reveals that she was a teacher before joining Globo: ‘I taught’

Maria Júlia Coutinho revealed that she was a teacher before becoming a journalist and joining Globo. "I taught for about two years," said the anchor during a chat at Altas Horas on Saturday (21) .

At 13, Rayssa Leal prefers her first name to a nickname on skateboarding: ‘Crescendo’

Rayssa Leal confessed in Altas Horas that she prefers to be called by her Christian name rather than her famous nickname, Fadinha. Participating in Serginho Groisman's program, the Olympic medalist explained why.

Sophie Charlotte vents about the challenge of playing Gal Costa in cinema

At 32, Sophie Charlotte is preparing for one of the biggest challenges of her career. The actress will play Gal Costa in the movies in a biopic about the singer, which begins shooting next year. "It's a...

Serginho changes Altas Horas in a hurry to honor Tarcísio Meira and Paulo José

Saturday's Altas Horas (14) had to be changed in a hurry to pay homage to actors Tarcisio Meira (1935-2021) and Paulo José (1937-2021), who died this week. Serginho Groisman recorded a new introduction for the attraction directly from...

Ana Maria, Bial and Groisman get forced vacations at Globo; know the reason

Ana Maria Braga, Pedro Bial and Serginho Groisman were forced by Globo to take a vacation. The reason for the forced rest is the broadcast of the Tokyo Olympic Games, which made the station select the attractions that...

Pregnant, Nanda Costa chooses her name to become a football ‘fight’ with Lan Lahn

Nanda Costa and Lan Lahn ended up turning the choice of names of the waiting twins into a football "fight". During their participation in Altas Horas on Saturday (10), the couple revealed that they thought of calling one...
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The American “Transportation Safety” comments on the expansion of “Tesla” in “full self-driving mode”

The head of the US National Transportation Safety Board, Jennifer Homedy, said electric car maker Tesla should address "essential...
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