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Susana Vieira rebuts criticism for wearing short clothes and showing thighs: ‘Not for age’

During Altas Horas on Saturday (25), Susana Vieira praised singer Joelma's legs and decided to show off her own thighs. The 79-year-old actress said she likes to wear short, tight clothes and countered the criticism she receives.

Susana Vieira explains preference for younger men: ‘They find me funny’

Susana Vieira explained her preference for relationships with younger men. According to the 79-year-old actress, getting closer to younger people has always been something natural in her life. She even credited his extroverted ways as attractive: "They...

At Caldeirão, Mion rescues Susana Vieira’s gaffe: ‘Just be patient with Cid Moreira’

Susana Vieira became one of the targets of Marcos Mion's jokes in the Isto a Globo Mostra this Saturday (18th). The presenter rescued one of the biggest gaffes of the actress, in which he snatched the microphone from...

Susana Vieira gets meat from Andre Marques for barbecue and charges: ‘It’s not much’

Susana Vieira received products from the Andre Marques meat line as a gift for a family barbecue on Saturday (4). Sincere as always, the actress stated that the amount was not enough and charged more.

Susana Vieira confesses that she has kissed actors with bad breath: ‘I gave hints’

Unfiltered, Susana Vieira said that she has kissed actors with bad breath throughout her career. This Saturday (7), the actress recalled the uncomfortable situation behind the scenes of the works and said that she "gave hints" to her...

Susana Vieira confesses that she tricks suitors: ‘I’m about three, four’

Susana Vieira, who is single during the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals that she flirts online, but doesn't make a date with the suitors.

Susana Vieira reveals a shortage after five marriages: ‘Pandemia left me dry’

Susana Vieira revealed that she is lacking during Se Joga this Saturday (17). "I was a woman in love, all my life I liked dating, I liked getting married, married five times, dated 20. And the pandemic, my...

Away from soap operas, Susana Vieira returns to TV as a counselor at Se Joga

Away from soap operas since Éramos Seis (2019), Susana Vieira is back on TV. Starting this Saturday afternoon (17), the actress will command an interactive whiteboard on the program Se Joga. At Susana Sem Filtro, the veteran...
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