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What is a cisgender woman? Find out why the term appears in Save Yourself Who Can

In its final stretch, Salve-se Quem Cander will be the first soap opera to feature a kiss between a transsexual man and a cisgender woman. The protagonists of this scene will be Bernardo de Assis, trans actor who...

Save Yourself Who Can: Who is Bernardo de Assis, a trans man who does Catatau

In his first novel, actor Bernardo de Assis has already managed to emerge the theme of prejudice against transsexuals on national television. His character Catatau, from Salve-se Quem Puder, left no doubt about his gender when he was...
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Rangel advised to assume he is a candidate for leadership already today

Hugo Delgado / LusaRui Rio with Paulo Rangel The MEP was advised by several supporters to take office this Thursday,...
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