Fees for AYUSH courses are finalized in AP .. Homeopathy, Nursing Annual Fees Details .. What about Ayurveda? – Ayush courses fees finalized

The state government has finalized the fees for AYUSH courses in AP. Determining annual fees for nursing and various AYUSH courses, including homeopathic medical education. AP Ayush courses...

Sattibabu, a tribal, was killed under the guise of an informer … the Maoists who were brutally chopped to death

Maoists Brutally Killed : The Maoists in Awobi were once again provoked. Informer beheaded a tribal man under the guise of. Chikkudu Satish, a tribal, was brutally hacked to death at Vanagarai in the Pedabayalu zone of...
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“I told him to wait, and he pushed me against the wall.” An Israeli employee reveals that Shimon Peres harassed her

The Israeli newspaper, "The Jerusalem Post", reported that a new accusation of sexual assault is chasing the late Israeli...
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