10 percent should be given .. otherwise!


Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: Corruption is also tainted by the calculations that need to be made to address corruption. The audit of panchayats and municipalities has to be put in the hands of 1‌‌0 per cent of the local representatives. Otherwise, the concerned authorities are not only expressing doubts about the use of funds, but are also filing petitions with the NGOs and focusing on the use of funds. On the other hand in the auditing the receipts were not properly ordered for recovery of funds. However, there are allegations that they are only targeting ‘uncooperative’ sarpanches and causing trouble on audit accounts. Vainam is becoming a hot topic as a sarpanch has recently deposed the authorities on this.

The problem is that the financial community is a matter of funding

Currently audit is being conducted in Gram Panchayats and Municipalities. The real problem is that the Center has said that the 15th Finance Commission will release funds only if all these audit figures are submitted. This is because the Sarpanches and the governing bodies are facing difficulties in accounting for the funds spent by the financial community to raise funds and in some cases the items are not properly recorded in the panchayats. There are allegations that audit officials are further provoked by this. There is criticism in many districts that they are insisting on giving exactly 10 per cent of the funds currently spent. The issue is becoming more complicated if there are representatives of the opposition parties.

If it comes from the sun, then ..

Audit officials, on the other hand, say all this is an old tradition. It is said that it is customary to give at least 10 per cent to the annual audit accounts, which is nothing new. Panchayats and municipalities are being promoted to have a share in the audit, regardless of the number. Many companies in the area are turning in their favor if they do not cooperate with the audit. A letter is being exchanged with one of them on matters relating to the audit and matters relating thereto are being questioned by the governing bodies. It is hoped that the audit will not be able to cope with all this.

There are a lot of unspoken calculations!

On the other hand, the ruling parties are concerned that the gram panchayats and municipalities are facing a lot of difficulties now and will have to bear a lot of unspeakable calculations. It is alleged that the funds from the government are enough for Owaipu salaries, tractor and trolley EMIs and the authorities are getting into trouble for doing anything with the funds coming from their own income. However, the official said that the people’s representative was coming to the villages on a daily basis and all the expenses related to these would have to be borne by the local sarpanches and panchayat secretaries and questioned how to show them in the bills. Audit officials say they are struggling with the calculations.

Complete in villages క Continue in municipalities ..

The audit on the utilization of panchayat funds is almost complete as per the directions of the Central Government. The Finance Commission has ordered an online audit of each panchayat in the wake of complaints that there is no comprehensive governance in the villages despite the release of funds. As part of the online audit, it is known that 35 per cent of the panchayats are already doing this. Of the total 12,751 panchayats in the state, 4462 panchayats are doing it online and the rest are doing it offline. The 15th Finance Commission has imposed restrictions on the release of funds upon completion of audit and certification of the use of funds. This made audit in the panchayats inevitable. There are already serious problems in the use of funds in the panchayats. Whether the state government is releasing rural progress plan funds every month .. it is clear that these are not enough. All the funds are being spent on activities such as wages of workers working in the panchayats, directing them to pay electricity bills every month from now on, maintenance of tractors and planting of plants. According to the new Panchayati Raj Act, each panchayat should have a tractor and a trolley, the wages of sanitation workers should be increased by Rs. In the past, UCs (Utilization‌ Certificates) were submitted for the funds used in the panchayats and the funds were released taking them into consideration. But, from now on, the central government has made online audit mandatory. This means that for every rupee spent in the panchayats, receipts have to be registered following the emerpy prices. They will be considered only after verification in the audit. The 15th Finance Commission has suggested that an online audit for the release of funds should be done properly and everything should be accounted for. The central funds will come only after the approval of the panchayat after clarifying the revenue, taxes and expenditure incurred in the online audit. This has created a situation where the ruling parties have to shed blood in the audit.

Notices for recovery of crores ..

Notices are being issued to the governing bodies cooperating with the audit authorities. The notices state that the receipts are not in order and the expenses are not shown as expected. It was initially revealed that nearly 27,000 objections had been received by audit officials across the state. However, in view of these objections, in almost 11 thousand panchayats, Rs. Officials say notices have been issued for recovery of Rs 22 crore. Only audit officials believe they received showcause notices on purpose. Recently, a total of 1,307 objections were received in Vikarabad districts alone and a recovery of Rs 79,37,480 was recommended. Sarpanches and panchayat secretaries are being warned to give sanjayi to showcause notices issued by the authorities within 45 days or else disciplinary action will be taken against them. The chief leader of the Sarpanchs’ association said that they were trying to get some receipts back and join the authorities.