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100 thousand tests per day and use 2 masks. Graça Freitas talks about DGS plans (and what she would have done differently) – ZAP


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Tiago Petinga / Lusa

The Director-General of Health, Graça Freitas, spoke in an interview with the newspaper Public, on the extension of testing and the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic in Portugal.

In an interview with the newspaper Público, released this Saturday, the director general of Health, Graça Freitas, said that this Thursday there were only four thousand epidemiological surveys to be carried out. In January, remember, there were 56,000.

After expert criticism at the last Infarmed meeting, mass testing with rapid antigen tests will move forward, but in a “controlled” and “with rules” way, according to the Director-General for Health.

“It is estimated that approximately 100 thousand tests, either PCR or rapid antigen tests. This strategy will continue for as long as it is considered relevant, due to the evolution of the epidemic ”, said Graça Freitas.

Asked about a possible lack of definition, the official said don’t know “Exactly when will be the deflation and if it will be gradual or not”. “We still have a lot of daily cases, we still have a number of deaths that, being declining, are large and we continue to put pressure on health services. The first thing we will have to consolidate are these values ​​and this downward trend at the three levels ”, he explained.

Regarding the recommendation to use two masks simultaneously, Graça Freitas said that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has “two groups of experts to study this precaution, for fear of the new variants. ”

Regarding the recommendation not to give the AstraZeneca vaccine to those over 65, which has already been rejected by the World Health Organization (WHO), the official said only that “Europe has chosen precaution until it has more data”.

Asked what she would do differently if she had a “time machine”, Graça Freitas replied that she would “have explained the question of masks well not to be mentioned so many times, until eternity ”.

In March, remember, the director-general of Health said that the masks give a “false sense of security” and “wearing a mask is not worth it, social distance is the most important” in protecting against the new coronavirus.

The official also said that when she said that Portugal could reach one million infected, “it was just a scenario. Maybe I could have said it another way ”.

Graça Freitas said she would have changed what she said when she said “in the beginning, that this virus would not arrive” in Portugal. “It was what was said in all papers of the world, what the WHO said, the ECDC and the CDC said ”, defended himself.

“I know what day and time I was infected”

In the same interview with Public, Graça Freitas spoke of what it was like to be infected last December.

“I know on what day and at what time I was infected, was in DGS. My social contacts are reduced to 10, I do nothing more than commuting from here to home. I am convinced that it was a matter of ventilation, because we were wearing a mask, at a sufficient distance, we put alcohol in our hands. The only thing I can sense is that the room was closed and it was enough that there was a small exit from the virus ”, he explained.

As for her symptoms, the official said that she felt “muscle aches intense “,”cough almost when I was being discharged ”and” that feeling of weakness to the point of not wanting to do anything ”.

Regarding possible pulmonary changes, Graça Freitas said that she “continued to breathe in the same way” and that she was able to measure her oxygen levels at home with two oximeters. “It never went down to dangerous values, but the fact is that there were some days when it was going down,” he concluded.

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100 thousand tests per day and use 2 masks.  Graça Freitas talks about DGS plans (and what she would have done differently) - ZAP