12 people in the ‘nominated’ ring .. Lucky for whom?


The Center is adopting a four-pronged approach on the cantonment board nominated post. 15 days after the expiration of the term of the governing body, it is not clear to whom the nominee will be bound. With this, the expectations of the leaders who are hoping for the post are inevitable. Local leaders are worried about who will get the job. Hopefuls also regularly travel to Delhi. Efforts are in full swing to obtain the blessings of the ruling elders. There is a hot debate going on in the nominated post cantonment which is coming to an end.

Prime Time Zone, Cantonment: The Secunderabad Cantonment Board, the largest in the country, is in fierce competition for the nominated post. It is reported that up to 12 people are already vying for the post. Among them are former vice-chairmen of the cantonment board Jampana Pratap, Bhanuka Narmada Mallikarjun, Jay Ramakrishna and the latest former vice-chairman Jakkula Maheshwar Reddy. It is learned that Maheshwar Reddy stayed in Delhi for four and a half days and met many people. The name of Dr Vijayarama Rao, a former MP, former minister and senior BJP leader, is also prominent in the nomination race. In the past, locals have proposed Vijayarama Rao’s name and reported to the BJP leadership. Also, Mahankali district vice-president Akula Nagesh has also joined hands with several party leaders, including Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy, to give him a chance. Along with them, party leaders Dayanandachari and Gaddam Shravan Kumar are busy trying their luck.

Anyone support the state leadership ..?

The support of BJP state elders seems essential for the nominee to get the post. However, former minister Dr Vijayarama Rao has been playing a key role in the party for some time. State Chief Minister Bandi Sanjay along with Home Minister Zee Kishan Reddy and key leaders like Dr Laxman have good relations with the leaders. As the cantonment assembly segment is SC reserved, the ruling party is of the view that if Vijayarama is given a chance, he will be promoted for tomorrow’s assembly elections. Similarly, former board vice-president Bhanuka Narmada said she had the support of state president Bandi Sanjay and was likely to allocate herself in the woman quota. Another former vice-president, Jampana Pratap, said he had a long political experience and had been a nominated member in the past and was of the opinion that Dattatreya, Laxman, Bandi Sanjay and Kishan Reddy would come into contact with him. In addition to this, it is learned that various colonists and many dignitaries from the cantonment had written letters to the BJP leadership proposing Pratap’s name. Similarly, J. Ramakrishna Dheema said he had the opportunity to bring in several reforms on the board as he had a full understanding of the cantonment laws.

Frequent elephant travel ..

Many BJP leaders who are hoping for a nominated post often travel to Delhi. Inquiring what is going on in the center. Adults who believe in themselves are often in touch and take care to be blessed. Within hours, the country’s capital was in a state of flux, with no small opportunity appearing before the elders. They are trying to get good marks in the eyes of the elders by strictly following the orders of the party leadership. Appears among the people attending any small event held in the city. However, the ruling party has indicated that it will nominate Battey for the post. With this, they are always among the people and carry out various activities. Recently Sri Rama Mandir was actively involved in fund raising. He also took part in a protest organized by the party. Whenever the followers ask when the position will come, the supremacy is slipping away saying that the position will come if the blessings and luck come together. The situation in the cantonment seems to be such that the leaders cannot say for sure on the nominated post as the BJP ruling elites are swayed.