2020 AP Roundup: Sensational events across the state, thrilling cases, stories that terrified the people.! – Andhra pradesh round up 2020: breaking incidents and shocking newses occurred in this year


The year 2020, which remains the year of the 2020 Round Up Corona, has seen a number of shocking incidents, including a lockdown stalemate in Andhra Pradesh.

2020 Round Up The year 2020, which remains the Corona year, has seen a number of shocking incidents, including a lockdown stalemate in Andhra Pradesh. The Mansas Trust is documenting key developments, including the Eluru bizarre disease, the Antarvedi chariot burning incident, murders and suicides in various districts, and the year ending today, with many indelible chapters in the history of Andhra Pradesh.

YS Vivekananda murder case in CBI hands:

A key event in the assassination of CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy Babai and former minister YS Vivekananda Reddy took place in 2020. The AP High Court on March 11 handed down a sensational verdict handing over the murder case to the CBI. It is known that YS Vivekanandareddy was brutally killed on March 15 before the 2019 elections.

YS Vivekananda murder case: Backlash against Jagan government:

Before the 2019 elections, that is, on March 15, when YS Vivekananda Reddy was brutally murdered, YS Jagan, then the Leader of the Opposition, demanded an inquiry with the CBI. However, the then TDP government formed the SIT. After Jagan was sworn in as CEO, another new sitcom was set up. However, the late Viveka Satyamani Saubhagyama, daughter Sunita, as well as TDP MLC BTech Ravi and former minister Adinarayana Reddy have filed a petition in the high court alleging that the trial was not going well and that the Viveka murder case should be handed over to the CBI. Meanwhile, the CM Jagan government has withdrawn an earlier petition seeking transfer of the case to the CBI. The Jagan government has argued in court that the case is being investigated by the SIT and does not need to be handed over to the CBI. After hearing the arguments of the two, the court decided to hand over the case to the CBI.

First corona positive case in AP:

The first case of corona virus positive was reported on March 12, 2020 in AP. A young man from Nellore got a corona positive. The young man, who was studying MBBS in Italy, came to Nellore from there and turned out to be Kovid 19. Corona cases were then heavily reported in the state. The highest number of cases were reported in July, August and September. Currently the severity of the corona epidemic is continuing steadily in the state.

Corona boom in Andhra Pradesh, state-wide octagonal blockade:

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy announced the first lockdown on March 23 in view of the severity of the corona virus. All borders to the state were closed. Jagan said in his press meet that the situation would come under control if the entire country was locked down. It has been announced that traffic to the state from other areas, either from AP to other areas, will be completely suspended. As well as schools, colleges, universities, commercial, social and social activities are banned in the state.

Dr. Sudhakar’s case which caused a stir across the state:

Dr Sudhakar, who works at the Narsipatnam Government Hospital in Visakhapatnam district, has been accused of raising masks and PPE kits at the hospital while the corona epidemic was raging. Doctors have been criticized for having no protection. The government suspended him. The decision drew criticism from the opposition. Sudhakar demanded that the suspension be lifted. Dr. Sudhakar appeared again in Visakhapatnam on May 16. Sudhakar was arrested by the Visakhapatnam police. However, the manner in which Sudhakar was arrested has drawn sharp criticism.

Dr Sudhakar case handed over to CBI:

After the arrest of Dr. Sudhakar in Visakhapatnam, the KGH doctors said that he was not in a good mental condition. The police rushed him to the Government Mental Hospital. However, AP TDP state women president Vangalapudi Anita wrote a letter to the high court with videos of the Visakhapatnam police’s treatment of Dr Sudhakar. The court considered the letter to be Sumoto’s child. Moreover, the High Court ruled that the case should be handed over to the CBI and a case should be registered against the Visakhapatnam police.

Kurnool Salam Family Suicide Alleged Gold Theft:

The mass suicide of the Salam family in Kurnool district, who works in a gold shop, has caused a stir across the state. Abdul Salam’s family committed suicide when a train derailed on November 3 near Kaulur near Panyam. Salam, his wife and two children have committed suicide after being harassed by police in a gold theft case. Salam O works as a clerk in a gold shop. A case was registered at the Nandyala police station last year against Salam for stealing three kg of gold from a shop. Salam committed suicide due to police pressure as part of the investigation into the case. Abdul Salam’s family took a selfie video before committing suicide. He said that the police had registered a case against him for theft and that he was not involved in the theft case. Salam said in the video that there was no one to help his family and that he had committed suicide with his family after suffering a mental breakdown following the theft case.

Andhra Pradesh: Typhoon Nivar:

Andhra Pradesh was devastated by the cyclone. Several districts were shaken by torrential rains on November 26 and 27. Public life came to a complete standstill due to the incessant rains. The worst affected districts are Chittoor, Nellore, Kadapa, Prakasam, Guntur, Krishna and Ubhaya Godavari. The impact of the cyclone was mostly felt in Chittoor district. The eastern zones, including Tirupati, were flooded.

A strange disease in Eluru:

In Eluru, West Godavari district, a strange disease has spread. The local people, as if there was no small difference, were deeply concerned about the fits and the ups and downs. On the night of December 4th, three, on the 5th, tens of thousands fell ill and fell back on their eyes. A total of more than 610 people fell ill. However, scientists did not know why this happened until the week before. Scientists have told Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy that this was due to the ingestion of chemicals in the diet.

The first corona strain case in the AP, before the corona plague left:

In fact, while life is getting worse with drug-free corona disease, by the end of 2020, news like another thunderbolt has hit Andhra Pradesh in the name of New Strain virus. On December 29, the first case of a new type of corona virus strain was reported in Andhra Pradesh. The state medical health commissioner has officially announced that a woman from Rajahmundry from England has been diagnosed with corona strain.