45% fitment should be given


Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: On May 16, 2018, the CM held a four-and-a-half hour meeting with representatives of the KCR job and teacher unions to discuss 18 issues. Promised to fix 13 issues. The decisions were announced by himself at a press conference after the meeting. To date the IR‌ has not been announced. The three-month PRC report deadline has been extended to 30 months. The government has not yet disclosed. The Fourth General Assembly of the Telangana United Teachers Federation demanded that the report be released immediately and discussed with the unions and that the new PRC be implemented from July 2018 with 45% fitment.

The General Assembly of Associations was held in Hyderabad on Sunday. The House decided to cancel the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) and to announce an immediate schedule for promotions to teachers. Asked the government to give notional increments to the service of special teachers. During the third day (last day) meeting of the Fourth General Assembly of the Telangana State United Teachers Federation, several resolutions on social, educational and teacher issues were proposed by the TS UTF State Office Bearers and unanimously approved by the delegates. State Presidential Secretaries K Jangayya, Chava Ravi demanded the Central and State Governments to resolve all issues immediately.

Social Resolutions in the House
The Central and State Governments should take steps to ensure timely and timely supply of Kovid-19 antiviral vaccine to all the people of the country. The three anti-farmer laws brought by the Central Government should be repealed. Rape of women and girls must be stopped. Teachers, hundreds of thousands of workers and private traders working in private schools lost their jobs during the lockdown period due to Kovid-19.

Academic Resolutions
National Education Policy – 2020 needs to be radically revised. The TSUTF has demanded a radical overhaul of 2020 – a backward national education policy that opens the door to centralization, corporatisation, commercialization, and kashai karanis, leaving no room for constitutional values ​​such as democracy, secularism, social justice and scientific temperament. Schools should be allotted sweeper, attendant, watchmen and clerical posts. Schools should start immediately following Kovid’s precautions.