Abba Sairam is very happy for me


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Why should I work for the post of CM ..? Want to step down? If you speak without knowing the party line, you will have to put on a stick. However, I have already told the speaker in the assembly. BJP women leader Vijayashanti responded to the remarks made by CM KCR, saying, “I am sad .. I am sad .. I will be the CEO for another decade.

“I am just happy to say that CM Gary’s health is excellent. Under their rule, the economic health of the state of Telangana became alarming. With this ruling party, the living conditions of the common people are in danger. However, the self-proclaimed CM for 10 years fears that the people and the BJP will be deceived and enslaved to the post of CM. It is suspected that Ayo is trying to get out by telling lies. That is, like the rainy season sun on the clouds. For the next ten years, when he appears in Pragati Bhavan, when he appears in the farm house, the people seem to be warning him to bear the brunt of the incomprehensible confusion. They are trying to get out by telling lies, ”Vijaya Shanthi tweeted.