Actress Vithika Sheru: I Raised You As A Mother .. Vithika Sheru Emotional Tweet On Sister Marriage .. – vithika sheru emotional tweet on sister krithika marriage


Vitika Sheru, wife of Bigg Boss Season 3 contestant and hero Varun Sandesh, celebrated her sister’s wedding on Monday. Fresh his

Vithika Sheru: Bigg Boss Season 3 contestant, hero Varun Sandesh’s wife Vithika Sheru celebrated her sister’s wedding on Monday. Vithika recently tweeted emotionally about her sister on her Instagram.

Kritika Sheru .. My golden mother, I dreamed more about your wedding than my wedding. That is why I worked hard and loved you so much that I got married. You were born my sister. But I raised you as a mother. I have been dreaming about your wedding for 20 years. Because that art is real, I’m proud to have made your wedding myself. I will always be there for you. I want you to grow a lot in life .. I want you not to need me, but the need of others. You need to buy a new house. Whatever you want to happen should happen. I love you. I should be proud of everything you do from now on. My best wishes for your married life. That God should see the two of you cool. Vithika shared on her Instagram that Krish looks good. Bigg Boss Season 3 Vithika and Varun also participated.

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