After classifying Cuba as a ‘dictatorship’, Ciro Gomes criticizes PT and Bolsonaro – Prime Time Zone


On social networks, a pre-candidate for the 2022 elections stated that Brazil should not disrespect the country’s sovereignty, ‘as the current head of the Executive does’, ‘nor should it follow the PT’s costumes’

Roberto Casimiro/Estadão ContentPre-candidate for the 2022 elections considered that Brazil should want an ‘independent and democratic Cuba’

The former governor of Ceará, Ciro Gomes (PDT), used social networks this Friday, 16, to publish a video in which he classifies Cuba as a “dictatorship” and criticizes the president’s postures Jair Bolsonaro (no party) e do Workers’ Party (PT) before the nation. “Our dear Cuban people are suffering. There are two long time bombs set on these brave people, the economic blockade and the political dictatorship. Disarming them is a task that involves the Cuban people in their self-determination, but it also requires the attention and solidarity of the international community. Brazilian foreign policy cannot condone the disrespect for Cuba’s sovereignty and international law, promoted by the Bolsonaro government and the United States. Nor should it follow the pattern of PT’s foreign policy, marked by old Latin American habits,” he said. In addition, the pre-candidate for the 2022 elections considered that Brazil should want an “independent and democratic Cuba”.

“We cannot agree with any kind of disrespect to Cuba’s sovereignty and aggression against international law. However, by no means does this mean the acceptance of the suppression of political freedoms in Cuba. Cuba is not a democracy, its people’s freedoms, including debate, are suppressed. The Cuban Communist Party and its leaders decide the fate of the country, no one can know whether or not the dictatorship has the support of the majority. Other terrible regimes like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin were supported, for a time, by the majority of the people – but this support did not transform them into democracy”, analyzed Ciro. He concluded his speech saying that the Brazilian people must understand Cuba as a “friendly nation”, but that they must also perceive Brazil as a nation that is “a reference of responsibilities on the international stage”. on the last day 11, thousands of Cubans took to the streets of Havana and from other cities in the country to protest against the government. Among the agendas defended by the protesters were “freedom” and “down with the dictatorship”. In addition, the protest called out against the economic and health crisis.