After Coca-Cola, another brand bets on drinks that fight with beer


Hard seltzer. Is a drink with that name likely to succeed in Brazil? Many people believe so. And starting with Coca-Cola, which dumps hers in the markets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (and also in Mexican cities) since October last year. The first Brazilian version, Verano, has just been announced. It belongs to the craft brewery Blondine, based in Itupeva, in the interior of São Paulo.

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Hard seltzers – classified, in Brazil, as carbonated mixed alcoholic beverages – present themselves as an alternative for those who are neither in the mood for beer, nor for Coca-Cola and other soft drinks. Sold mainly in cans, they have less calories and carbohydrates than beers and similar alcohol content (between 4% and 5%). Based on juice, they are fueled with alcohol from either cane sugar or beer malt.

TOPO CHICO 4 After Coca-Cola, another brand bets on drinks that fight with beer Coca-Cola launched Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in Brazil

Coca-Cola launched Topo Chico Hard Seltzer in Brazil (João Gorri / Disclosure)

The first brands appeared in the United States about seven years ago and even giants like Bud Light launched their versions of the drink. They make up a market that is estimated to have moved $ 3 billion over the past three years. In the view of Dave Burwick, president of Boston Beer, maker of Samuel Adams and one of the largest craft breweries in the United States, this is the biggest market revolution since the launch of Light beers in the 1970s.

Based on natural ingredients, Verano does not take sugar and artificial colors, has 4% alcohol content, no gluten, low carbohydrate and 90 calories per can (with 310 milliliters, each has a suggested price of 9.95 reais). It was born with four varieties. A tangerine and ginger joint. Another combines lemon, green apple and kiwi. The third takes passion fruit, peach and mango. And the last mix is ​​blackberry, strawberry and blueberry. Up to 2/14 all are on sale at for 6.65 reais each. Soon they will also be found in markets and restaurants.

“After a lot of research and market study, we created a product that will undoubtedly win over Brazilians”, promises Aloisio Xerfan, the founder of Blondine, ecstatic with the novelty. “Verano brings the natural flavor of fruits, it is really innovative and well balanced for the country’s climate”.