After controversy with TAP, Quintas gives up race to Lisbon for Liberal


(cv) Liberal / Facebook Initiative

Three days after being introduced as the candidate of the Liberal Initiative to the Lisbon Chamber, businessman Miguel Quintas withdrew from the race alleging “personal reasons”. Decision that arises after a controversy with TAP.

It was an ephemeral candidacy that lasted only three days. Miguel Quintas gives up running for the Lisbon City Hall by the LiberaL Initiative (IL) due to “personal reasons”, as the Public it’s the Observer.

The party is now looking for a new candidate, as it continues to put aside its support for the candidacy of Carlos Moedas of the PSD.

Number 2 on the list of farms, Ana Pedrosa Augusto, former vice president of Aliança, should not be the chosen candidate.

This withdrawal from Quintas takes place shortly after he found himself involved in a controversy with TAP, after the publication of an article from the magazine Ambitur, dated 2020.

In this article, Quintas argues that “thinking about nationalization [da TAP] not entirely unreasonable ”, reinforcing that“ it could be an excellent option for the national design ”of a company that it defines as” special “in the Portuguese economy and in particular in the tourism sector”.

Note that the Liberal Initiative defends the privatization of TAP.

The withdrawal may not be related to this controversy, but, for now, the concrete reasons are not known.

Quintas came to clarify that the position on TAP was just “a title” that did not reflect the “fullness” of his “vision”.

“A TAP is a huge hole on the way to more than 4 billion euros and we haven’t even seen the [seu] fund “, still affirms the already ex-candidate in a Facebook post, stressing, however, that the” biggest problem “is” the Government continues to insist on the same path, knowing that such a path will only result in an even greater erosion of the national wealth ” .

It is not economically responsible to put more money from TAP“,“ Nor fair for the other companies in our economy ”, writes Quintas.

The presidential candidate of the Liberal Initiative, Tiago Mayan Gonçalves, has already reacted, considering that quitting Quintas is “a serious setback in Lisbon”. “I am an example of how fast learning curves can be in IL”, he points out, however.

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