Agribusiness sees September 7 demonstrations as ‘legitimate’ and ‘democratic’ – Prime Time Zone


Parliamentary Front at the National Congress suggested that the sector’s agendas should not be mixed with the general agendas of the acts of this Tuesday

GABRIELA BILÓ/ESTADÃO CONTENTSector, which still suffers from the impacts of the pandemic, believes that there is no environment for a new Truck Driver Strike

The sector of agribusiness saw the demonstrations of September 7th as legitimate, democratic and peaceful. Farmers also stated that there is no perception that the acts cause a rupture between institutions. The economics and agribusiness commentator at Young pan, Kellen Severo found that the Agribusiness Parliamentary Front in the National Congress suggested that the agribusiness guidelines should not be mixed with the general guidelines of the acts, which requested, among other things, the auditable printed vote and the impeachment of the justices of the Supreme Court (STF). Farmers present at the demonstrations followed the recommendations and called for freedom of expression and support for democracy. In Kellen’s evaluation, the posture was positive because the sector will not suffer damages from a possible tension between the Powers.

“When these leaders signal the desire for order, to work, to prosper, to move forward with reforms, it is a clear sign that an important part of the sector wants there to be stability so that business can flow. This does not mean that the sector does not see these manifestations of September 7 as positive”, adds the commentator, who points out that there is no economic and political environment for a new truck drivers strike. “There is a dialogue between the category of truck drivers and the federal government through the Minister of Infrastructure. Another aspect is that the sector is still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic”, he says.