Alas, ‘Rama ..’ is spending .. is it publicity ..!


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: A key leader in TRS has made the song “Troubled and swallowed before a swallow” made the dinner come true. Banners and flexi were prepared in advance to welcome KTR as the CM. I do not know if he did not want the reception to be ordinary… or if he wanted to catch his eye before everyone else but… heavily arranged.

At the TRS state executive meeting on Sunday, KTR was expected to show some of his prowess when he was made the CM. But one thing is for sure …cm KCR reversed the whole scene with the latest announcement. Flexi has gone viral on social media as it has become a bit of a corner. However, it is noteworthy that there were photos of a minister and his son congratulating KTR on the flexi that fell into that corner.