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Amid accusations against an “incompetent” government that “came out of the closet”, a state of emergency was approved until March 16 – ZAP


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José Sena Goulão / Lusa

The Minister of Health, Marta Temido

This Thursday, in the Assembly of the Republic, the renewal of the state of emergency was approved until March 16. The decree passed with votes in favor of PS, PSD, CDS, PAN and non-registered deputy Cristina Rodrigues.

The presidential decree was approved with the votes of the PS, PSD, CDS, PAN and non-registered deputy Cristina Rodrigues. PCP, PEV, Chega, IL and Joacine Katar Moreira voted against, while Bloco de Esquerda abstained. The new state of emergency will take effect between midnight March 2 and 11:59 pm of the day March 16th.

Eduardo Cabrita, Minister of Internal Administration, opened the debate on the twelfth state of emergency with the presentation, in the Assembly of the Republic, of a report on the second half of January.

The period corresponds to the country’s toughest state of emergency, in which Portugal reached 181,000 active cases of covid-19, 6,694 hospitalized and “the number of deaths has grown dramatically”. Even so, he pointed out that, in that fortnight, the country started vaccination in the homes and that not even the pandemic stopped the presidential elections.

In response, André Ventura accused the Government of having “out of the closet”When“ he assumed that the population did not internalize the seriousness of the situation ”. “In Portugal, it is not the fault of António Costa or Eduardo Cabrita, but of the population”, but “when people died in the United States or in Brazil, it was the fault of Trump and Bolsonaro”.

“This report lacks the truth, it did not mention queues once. Where is the truth? He was unable to mention that the Santa Maria Hospital placed refrigerated containers because he no longer had space for the corpses ”, added the deputy of Chega.

Mariana Silva, for the Greens, again questioned the usefulness of the state of emergency that “did not prevent”, for example, that schools had to close on 22 January. “This report of state of emergency serves to confirm criticisms and doubts that we expressed in previous moments”, said the deputy.

André Silva, on the other hand, asked for “firm and capable leadership”, which “do not give in to pressure“, And“ answers before you suspect ”. The PAN advocates a plan to make suspicions based on the various territories.

The CDS-PP accused the Government of having waited too long to take firm measures and the PCP pressed for the Executive of António Costa to start implementing measures from the State Budget for 2021.

“More equipment, more means for the NHS. That is the right way to go, ”said Congresswoman Paula Santos, also pointing out the“ failure to supply vaccines ”by pharmacists, which“ called into question the implementation of the vaccination plan as it had been initially defined ”.

From the Bloco de Esquerda, Moisés Ferreira took the floor to say that “the Government is fail the country“: In the testing, in the vaccination, in the execution of the OE, he listed.

PSD devastates Government and accuses it of “incompetence”

Sofia Matos, of the PSD, said that, with regard to the management of the pandemic, there is a “irrefutable and systematic incompetence of the Government“.

Confinement – which, for the deputy, is an “instrument that should only be used when everything fails” – is being applied by a Government “in permanent reaction to events”, “unable to foresee and prevent itself”.

In relation to the deaths registered in January, the finger was pointed at the Executive of António Costa. “They knew how to save on expenses, but were unable to protect the lives of those who succumbed to the hands of the National Health Service,” he said, quoted by Observer.

“This Government that walks systematically chasing the injury. With you managing this pandemic, the virus has always been one step ahead of you, you have failed to fulfill the goal of not leaving anyone behind, ”he declared in Parliament.

André Coelho Lima recovered Rui Rio’s statements on Wednesday to defend that the PSD has already presented “its own proposal” for the lack of definition.

“A safe plan. That is, indexed to the indicators suggested by the technicians. A plan that crosses the numbers considered safe in terms of new infections, hospitalizations in intensive care and the R

“It seems obvious and easy to understand”, he said, admitting that the lack of definition can happendifferent rhythms in the various regions across the country.

“There are no culprits, there is a disease”

Marta Temido refused to blame. There is, instead, “a disease” that led to general confinement measures in January, allowing for an improvement in the number of covid-19 cases. Still, he warned, “there is a long way to go.”

There are no culprits, there is a disease. We are all Portuguese, ”said the Minister of Health on the state of emergency report between 16 and 30 January.

For the minister, the decision to close schools on January 22 was costly, attributing to the new British strain the fact that the “traditional” measures were not enough to contain the virus. “This trend has been reversed and that is what is worth emphasizing”, he stressed.

In response to Sofia Matos, of the PSD, who said that Portugal is the country in the European Union that performs the least tests, Temido said that “there are people who must be reading the wrong numbers”, since “Portugal is the sixth country in the EU in number of tests performed per million inhabitants ”.

“We are today better than what we were, but we are not yet where we wanted to be,” he concluded.

“A lie promotes autocracy”

Socialist Alexandre Quintanilha warned of “the challenges that have been weakening our democracies”. For the deputy, “it should not surprise anyone that certain decisions have to be reviewed regularly, it is always an unfinished job ”.

“In difficult times like the present, we are looking for foundations that will help us find a better future”, and one of them, he stressed, is “knowledge” that fights against “the mere opinions that proliferate”.

“Investigation is a long and extensive process, as is trust and democracy”, jobs that require “continued dedication and response”, said the scientist and university professor, defending the Government’s action.

The “I first not only does not help but it weakens the work of building consensus”, being that “the greatest enemy is not uncertainty, but lies“. “The lie is always assertive and categorical, it never has doubts, because it is based on ignorance, it is easy simplistic”, he maintained, being applauded by the Bloco de Esquerda.

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