Anger in you or … what will happen if you go to jail one day: Chandrababu


Prime Time Zone, Web Desk: Telugu Desam Party leader Chandrababu Naidu made harsh remarks in Guntur district. Chandrababu made harsh remarks to the people during a road show organized in the district as part of the municipal election campaign. You need a king in words ఏం What will not be done in the hands of the broken. If farmers have been worrying for more than 460 days you have demoralized people with what you have done. He made harsh remarks saying that the people of Guntur are selfish, cowardly and not angry.

Do not be afraid of cases:

People want to remember that Amravati was forced into the hands of a maniac. Cases are threatened .. One day he made interesting remarks about what would happen if he went to jail. “I was also charged. I said peek at what you peek at. No problem I fear. The days of repayment, including interest, will come. If YCP wins in Guntur Corporation, it is as if Amravati was written for them. O rowdy was given by the Municipal Chairman of Machar. If the nanny loses in Guntur, the YCP will expel them. Guntur people party that they are demented. The prices of daily necessities have skyrocketed without the living conditions of the common man, ”said Chandrababu. Chandrababu was outraged that even dogs, cats, pigs, cats and donkeys would be taxed.

Sold to pics if I laugh:

Are you angry or not .. If anyone gives you 2 thousand money, will you vote for him? “Are you scared when you see a volunteer?” The construction workers were outraged that they would forget if they gave 2 finger to work or difficulties encountered. Critics have accused the public of not listening to him when he told them not to hold the power cord. He said that if he made fun of the Guntur West MLA, he would have sold it to Jagan.

Sathya Harishchandra told Law that if anyone comes, he should resign. What did YS Vivekanandareddy, the father, do in the case .. what happened in the Pink Diamond case .. he did not do justice to his sister. Guntur Mirchi Rosham is outraged at you or why. Guntur Mirchi Ghat should be shown in the 10th election. Those who stay in apartments want to think. If you want to stand in the sun and vote, you have to be impatient. Chandrababu was angry that everyone’s log calculations would be known soon.

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Prime Time Zone Career Anger in you or ... what will happen if you go to jail one day: Chandrababu

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