Antikythera Mechanism స్ట Astronomy Calculator


Prime Time Zone, Features: We are currently discovering celestial mysteries with the help of advanced telescopes, satellites and other devices. But in ancient times how were the distances between the planets, the motions of the stars, the calendar dates, the rotations of the sun and the moon as well as the position of the celestial objects calculated? The answer to such questions is the ‘antikythera mechanism’. This ‘antikythera mechanism’ is a testament to the intelligence of the ancients, to the great wonders of the ancient world, to the history of engineering, to the advanced astronomical theories. The oldest device, dating to the 2nd century BC, was found in Roman (1901) shipwrecks. The antikythera mechanism has continued to amaze scientists ever since. A team of researchers from University College London (UCL) has recreated its 3D model to determine the performance of the device, which has been described by researchers as the world’s first analog computer, a celestial calculator. Let’s find out what’s so special about it.

In April 1900, a team of Greek sponge divers discovered the wreckage of an ancient Roman galley (large multi-deck sailing ships / armored cargo carriers) 60 meters deep at Point Glyphodia on the island of Antikythera. They found a number of artifacts dating from 150 to 100 BC, including bronze and marble statues, pottery, special glassware, jewelry, and coins. Among those valuable artefacts were a ruined object made of brass, bronze and wood. The same ‘antikythera mechanism’. Described as the oldest form of computer, only about one-third (of the 82 remnant fragments) of the device was found, with about 30 gears. But what would this device look like in its entirety due to its intricate structure along with micro-components? How does it work? What is its exact operation along with things like? Even scientists have not yet been able to find out. On the back cover is a description of the universe as well as a description of the movements of the five planets.

This ancient device, which rotates by hand to predict the Olympics, calendar dates, planetary positions, eclipses, and astronomical events, is a scar to Greek intelligence. However the rear mechanism of this device has been discovered in past studies. In recent years, researchers have been able to examine the internal structure of the antikythera mechanism using X-rays and CT scans. But the mechanism of the gear system at its front remains an elusive mystery. However, based on the mathematical theories of Babylonian astronomy, Plato Academy, and ancient Greek astronomical theories, scientists have recently recreated the entire panel in front of the device. Scientists at University College London want to know the secret of how the ‘antikythera mechanism’ works using this three-dimensional computer model. That is why now Antikythera wants to make a complete model using modern materials.

Now that the computer model is made, we want to make longer physical versions. We will first check if the device works using modern methods and then implement the methods used by the ancient Greeks. If it was made by the Greeks, the only way we can preserve it is to try to build on the ancient Greek way. That is why we have considered the ancient Greek doctrines. Many believe that only the genius engineer Archimedes made such a device. Even the fact that only he has that ability, and no one else has that knowledge. If he had made Greeks other than himself, would he have followed the same methods to make devices of this kind that have never been made out before? Are copies of the antikythera mechanism anywhere? Is not elusive. However many have already tried to make a model of the antikythera mechanism. But Madhe was the first 3D model designed to meet all physical evidence. Moreover it fits in with the descriptions of the mechanism in scientific legislation.
– Wozniacki, Scientist