António Costa guarantees decent housing for all by 2024 – ZAP


Manuel De Almeida / Lusa

In a session to present his motion for candidacy for PS secretary general, António Costa stated that the objective will be achieved thanks to the Recovery and Resilience Program, which sets aside 2750 million euros for two public housing programs.

The secretary general of the PS, António Costa, guaranteed, on Wednesday night, in Braga, that by 2024 all families living in Portugal will have decent housing.

In a session to present his motion for candidacy for secretary-general, António Costa, who is also prime minister, stated that that goal will be achieved thanks to the Recovery and Resilience Program, which he reserves 2,750 million euros for two public housing programs.

“One is aimed at the most needy families, who still live in housing that do not have conditions of dignity and that aims to ensure that by the age of 50 from April 25, in 2024, all families [a viver em Portugal] will have a decent housing“, he said. The other aims to ensure affordable renting, which he considered to be the “right answer” for housing policy, particularly for young people.

“We have to have public policies that ensure affordable renting for all young people in Portugal”, he stressed.

For Costa, demography is “one of the most important strategic challenges” facing the country, namely because of the increase in life expectancy. “We have to guarantee our seniors that, once and for all, they will be able to effectively have the best health care they are entitled to, whatever the day they are living”, he said.

In this regard, he also underlined the investment that will be made, over the next six years, in integrated continuing care network, with 5,300 new beds.

António Costa also said that the answer to the demographic problem involves a “policy of active and smart immigration“, ensuring conditions of dignity to all who choose Portugal to live.

“This is something we have to make a point of honor: it is that whoever comes to live in our country, whatever their origin, has to live here in dignity as any human being has the right to live in dignity wherever they want may he live,” he added.

“Recovering Portugal – Guaranteeing the Future” is the name of the motion by António Costa, who wants the country to “come out stronger” from the pandemic crisis.

“We have to get back to the fight and turn the page on the crisis this time, maintaining the good policies that allowed us to overcome the previous crisis. If anyone thinks that this crisis is being won with the austerity recipes that have failed in the past, they are completely wrong. It was by turning the austerity page that we won the previous crisis and it is by refusing austerity that we are going to win this crisis”, he said.

For this, Costa argues that Portugal must take advantage of the Recovery and Resilience Program, the so-called “European bazooka”, using it as a “throttle” to go faster and a “springboard” to go further.

“Recovery is not about getting back to where we were at the end of 2019, nor about getting to where we would be if there hadn’t been covid. We have to go further and faster”, he concluded.